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The iterative way

About StepBeta

There was a time in the program and product development world when the launches were done in well-defined linear fashion. There used to be an alpha launch, a beta launch and then a final launch. The final launch was meant to be long lasting and stable for a substantial period. The concept is obsolete today. The need to iterate faster and come up with better versions of products or programs is essential for survival today. Having said that, organisations with their products and programs need to be in a perennial state of Beta.

StepBeta was conceptualised with the purpose of helping organisations traverse the journey in a much streamlined and coherent fashion. It helps programs and products with design thinking, action research, communication, impact evaluation and market shaping services to achieve their desired potential. With a team experienced across sectors and segments StepBeta is uniquely positioned to provide strategic, actionable, data-backed insights into leading the organisations/programs towards growth.

Our Services

IMPACT CONSULTING: Impact is the fulcrum around which StepBeta revolves. At the core we intend to help organisations generate higher value with respect to the triple bottom-line. This is done through supporting organisations with improving their operational efficiency, advising companies on implementing sustainable business practices, assisting social enterprises in measuring their impact, or collaborating with governments to design and implement social welfare programs. We adopt a four-step process to effect the same.

DESIGN FOR SCALE: We help organisations design their programs for scale. A journey through the five stages of empathize, define, ideate, prototype and testing are used to arrive at the optimal solution sand options. The designing is done post studying the existing work environment, policy landscape and processes. The next stage is gap identification, target market or beneficiary segment understanding, and then optimal solution options are placed on the table for prototyping and testing.

ACTION RESEARCH: We help organisations lay foundations to strengthen their systems using action-oriented research as base methodology. The focus is on solving real world and dynamic problems using a participative, data oriented, cyclical, practical and iterative approach. The output of the activity is in the form of pilots or incremental systemic changes.

STORYTELLING: The future of engagement lies in the ability of organisations to build powerful narratives and present them creatively using voice, video, and vernacular mediums. We help organisation build and shape narratives, articulate their stories better and serve as a one stop solution for creating communication assets. With a team of visual artists, animators, designers, technology, and social media enthusiasts we are uniquely positioned to deliver stickiness and support as storytelling outcomes.

*Our services also include capacity building, resource mobilisation and Monitoring and Evaluation support.

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